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I grew up in a muslim household..my dad is muslim and my mom was a hindu who converted to islam.

I was forced to go to the mosque and learn about islam..but I never like it…initially I tried to appreciate it..but couldn’t…there were too many unanswered questions.

As I reached my early teens I started to question islam alot…and decided that this is not for me…by my late teens I started to explore Christianity…initially it was nice..but as I got to know more about it I started to have more questions that couldn’t be answered…

How Majid Khan became Dharam dass from Trinidad and Tobago

How Majid Khan became Dharam dass from Trinidad and Tobago

I felt trapped….but I knew that there was something out there that was calling me..i just didn’t know what it was.
The teachings of Islam and Christianity didn’t really impress me and living in a muslim household Hinduism was out of the questions…because my father won’t allow it

my dad’s family are muslim and mom’s family are hindu…but 90% of my ancestors came form India… and one came from the middle east…

so I knew that Hinduism was in my blood During my late teens…

I started to have dreams i would dream lord shiva dancing.. i would dream mother durga they would show me temples…visions etc.Ii followed the calliingbecame fascinated with Sanatan dharma and started to read more about it..

Everything i got and i found my way back homeand now for once in my life i feel inner peace, happiness and divine love within me awakened.