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His testimony on journey to Hinduism

Mr Henry Justice Pasupati

Mr Henry Justice Pasupati

I was born with an intense feeling to research all the religions. I was lucky to have access to my grandfather,s save: who was a grand lodge member and a local pastor. I got hold of a book called the ancient wisdom by Tuesday Ropsam Rampa, a Tibetian lama. This book was just like an eastern religions rituals dictionary with hinduism captured more. I was then also learn about islam as at that time vitually all my friends are muslims but i saw no soundness in islam. So i diceded to know more about budhism, confuciunism and hinduism. Infact my grandfather,s books was my research materials and gained a lot from them. I become more and more attracted to hinduism dogmatically as i did not know that hindus are in Ghana and for that matter, cape coast. All these happened from 1995 to 2000.

Luckily for me a friend of mine happened to have a classmate who is a hindu and he has been going to temple with him and other neighbourhood guys and has been a talk of town. Being a bishop,s son i engage one of them in a discourse using my little knowledge in hinduism as a missile against him.(note though i came to respect the ways of hindus, i was told by christainity that it is a demonic religion and that its through christianity and christ only that i can go to heaven. )

In the year 2000 i told myself that i have to know who the worship and what they preach before i can criticise them. So i seek for direction nicodemusly, one sunday and that is all! When my father came to know that i am attending hindu temple he disowned me in 2001: at that time i have completed high school and this affected my university education but then i was resolve to die poor and gain moksa than to be bounded by mundane things and suffer the cycle of samsara. So i took up a job as a pupil teacher and live a hurstling live whiles being seriouse with my worship.

In 2004 my father accepted me back as his own via my uncle who is also a pastor when they saw my steadfastness in hinduism and i used to involve them in spiritual discourse and were

amazed about my understanding of the world, though they found it difficult to believe when i rubbish genesis account of creation, using vedant. so i always tell them to think what you know from your infancy is the truth. By my guru,s grace i was able to save money for my first degree and about to do my mba. jai ho bhole ki.

As am writing this, am living in a mission house of my father,s church, Evangilical Methodist Church of Christ. (can i be a son of an imam and convert to hinduism? APOSTASY!!!)
For my knowledge in hinduism, both esoteric and exoteric is to broad for me to write down. Let it suffice for me to say that i am a shaiva.