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SAIBABA CULT is not a religion but a form of business. Its CEOs makes money by encashing blind beliefs of its customers.

In the year 1838, a Phakeer (Muslim priest) lands in Shirdi. For want of any other name the local goldsmith calls him Saibaba. Shirdi was a small village consisting of dilapidated houses. Villagers had great fun to see such a stranger in their village. Most of them were farmers. Nowadays the farming has been set aside and everyone is engaged in only one industry…. Sai baba industry! Sai is business for this town.

  1. At Saibaba death, there was a disagreement amongst his followers about burial procedures. The Muslim minority are reported to have included the category of theologians known asMaulvis and Maulanas. An air of dignity would thus have attended the argument. The Muslims wanted Sai Baba to be permitting the new tomb to resemble a dargah, and making Abdul Baba the custodian of the shrine. These details indicate that the Muslim identity of the Pir saint was still clearly recognised by the Hindu majority. Abdul Baba continued to reside in the Sansthan area and like earlier days, continued to sweep the Masjid, place Chaddar and flowers on the MAZAAR(TOMB) etc. He also kept up his practice of reciting Quran. He did not accept any money and took only clothes and food.

    sai baba's tomb in shirdi

    sai baba’s tomb in shirdi

  2. After a few years however, Abdul was denied his role as tomb custodian in 1922.  A prominent Hindu devotee, Hari Sitaram Dixit, overruled the authority of Abdul by setting up a Public Trust through the Ahmednagar District court, with the intention of administering the tomb. Abdul was persuaded by sympathisers to challenge the court ruling and to file a counter-suit declaring that he was the legal heir to Sai Baba and that the Public Trust was illegal. Abdul lost his case, and had to leave the room reserved for him at the shrine. The severe restrictions wererelaxed at a later date, but the Muslim claim to dominance was permanently eliminated.

    1. The new official Sansthan (Trust) was exclusively composed of Hindu members. The tomb became known as the Samadhi Mandir. In 1952, a new and controversial development occurred in the tomb presentation. A marble statue of Sai Baba was installed on a silver throne. Above the statue was placed a painted sign which identified Sai Baba with the Hindu god (or avatar) Rama (Ram). This innovation caused offence to Muslims, and fakirs are reported to have stopped visiting the tomb.


      sai baba’s tomb in shirdi

The confirmation of Sai Baba’s Sufi status is the discovery and translation of Sai Baba’s faqir servant Adbul’s notebook, written in Urdu. The document contains Abdul’s actual notes and jottings taken while reading the Quran with Sai Baba. From this, it is now possible to state authoritatively that Sai Baba a Sufi Master, and directly taught the precepts of Islam and Sufism to his servant/pupil and probably to a host of wandering faqirs throughout the Deccan in the nineteenth century.

The Muslim disciple Abdul Baba was a close servitor of the Shirdi saint for almost thirty years until the latter’s death. Thus, we know that the Sufism exposited by Shirdi Sai was in evidence from 1889 until his last years. Abdul would read the Quran in the presence of the saint and at the latter’s behest. Sai Baba would make diverse utterances and these were recorded in the notebook. Abdul’s Urdu manuscript was unpublished until very recently, and the basic significances had simply passed into neglect.

Abdul baba of Shirdi

Abdul baba of Shirdi

That enthusiastic promoter of the “Shirdi revival” produced a work entitled Devotees’ Experiences of Sai Baba  (1942).  This has been described by a recent assessor as:

“a detailed presentation of alleged miraculous phenomena…. the intent of the work is clearly hagiographic, aiming at the expansion of Sai Baba’s popularity among the public at large.” The indications are that Dabholkar wished to elevate the shrine at Shirdi to a place of pilgrimage. This can be interpreted as a sectarian ambition.

1-Dabholkar, Deshpande and Saagasrabuddhe trio initially started the flourishing business of Saibaba idol worship about hundred years ago. If one critically tries to analyze the stories and myths propagated, one will start doubting whether such a person was really alive or was it a figment of imagination of a few gangsters to rob the gullible public. A Phakeer comes to remotest village, stays in a sort of mosque, and takes the name of Allah. It means the person was never a Hindu.

2-While going through his biography one gets convinced that there is a deliberate attempt by Dabholkar, Despande, Dasganoo etc. to project Saibaba as a Hindu saint.

3-The prestigious gang, who elevated Sai to God’s status to fulfill their vested interests, had given him a new dimension of Hinduism.(Para 1,2,3 from SAIBABA-Myth and Business by PK NANAVATY).

Building a Temple around a buried dead body (even if it is of a guru or godly man) and performing Vedic Pooja is not allowed in Hinduism. These fellows step up and walk around his bones. It should be left to follow one tradition. Now it’s not a Samadhi, not a temple anymore.

Real photo of Shirdi Sai a Islamic fakir

Real photo of Shirdi Sai – a Islamic fakir

Now, only decorations, collection filled Hundis, costly gifts, Bhajans and sale of Prasad etc are left in Shirdi.If they left it to Muslims like a Dargah, then obviously there won’t be a Hundis and there won’t be this much money there.

People are building baba temples in every possible place only because management is autonomous and Hundis can be owned completely by them.

So it’s as SCAM!

Governments of different states gave autonomous status to sai baba temples and this paved way for business in the name of religion. Anybody can build a sai baba temple by collecting funds and can pocket all the Hundis money. No authority can question them now. Temples have become the best business in India now.


The temples, their practices etc are all against Vedic dharma and Hindu Aagama Shastra.

The ‘REAL’  temples are which don’t have Hundis but all Vedic rituals happen there regularly.

Find such places and you’ll find REAL energy of God.

If people had that much sense, religion would’ve never become a business.

Thinking power, rationality, spirit of enquiry is totally absent. The manipulators of religious values have made everyone slave.

 It is a God’s Market. There is a very strong pull of market forces and there is a possibility that you will be next victim unless you protect yourself. Don’t let it happen to you. Don’t get suckered in. Be prepared. Be informed.