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by: Vinamra Bharadwaj


“India is the only place in the world where Muslims exert influence without fear. Muslims are better equipped in India than in Pakistan and Bangladesh”. Tarak Fatah, well known Canadian Muslim of Pakistani origin told in an interview recently. Read his full interview here. What Fatah said was true beyond measures, from Movie celebrities to having a Muslim as our president, Indians have always been highly accepting and accommodating towards Muslims. Contrasting with neighbouring Pakistan or Bangladesh, a Hindu has not and probably can never become the Head of the state. Pakistan, Iran or Bangladesh are still theocratic states, even the Secular nations like UK, France etc have never witnessed a president of the non mainstream community. USA could only elect a half Black President as late as 2009. In the previous edition, we saw how Muslims are treated as a special class owing to their voting power but it is not limited to being given a special status alone.

Muslims in India have developed a tendency. They want special treatment, they want laws to be in their favour, how so illogical it may be and if they are caught in any wrongdoing, they cry foul. Rather than accepting their crime, Muslims blame the system saying they are targeted for being Muslims. In short they want to get away without any punishment for their crimes just because they are Muslims. This Victimhood card is played well by the Muslims of all backgrounds and not surprisingly even the high profile Muslims, who are financially and socially far better off than most the Hindus play this card. I will show some examples of known cases where the offender tried to play the Victimhood card, which includes both Celebrity Muslims as well as Normal Muslims. Post that I would also reveal the reasons why they get away so easily.

  • Shah Rukh Khan – Khan is probably the richest Bollywood movie actor. Not only do his movies earn more than 25 million US$, but also he gets a plethora of brands to endorse. Add to it, he owns a Cricket team in the Indian Premier League which adds to his millions of income per year. Why Khan earns so much from all these 3 sources could be attributed to his immense popularity. In a nation where people of his community only belong constitute 15-18%, it would be safe to assume that most of the Hindus are his fans who have made Khan reach a peak, where few can. However, when it comes to returning the favour, Khan doesn’t look so keen. There have been instances wherein Khan has not just snubbed his majority of fans, but also hurt their sentiments by claiming Muslim victimhood. Some points
    • Khan is married to a Hindu woman and most likely his 2nd wife would also be Hindu
    • Khan is a known sympathizer of Pakistan, which is not just a muslim country but also one of the deadliest enemy of India
    • Khan abuses all those who do not stand for appeasement, whether from Politics or Religion
    • Khan is fond of communal intolerant muslims like Zakir Naik
    • Khan is so Pro Pakistan that he would do fund raising programs for flood victims in Pakistan, would not spend a penny on his own countrymen undergoing similar terrible fate.
    • Given these incidents, at times he is being attacked by Nationalists who question his loyalty. In his latest interview to CNN, Khan tried to gain sympathy using cheap tricks. He said that he was always a target just because He was a muslim and asked to prove his loyalty on a regular basis. If that was correct, he would have never achieved anything what he did today. He also whined when he was strip checked in US airports.
  • Ishrat Jahan – She was a terrorist who plotted to kill Elected Chief Minister Narendra Modi of Gujarat. While she never claimed victimhood as she was dead already, her supporters did. Ishrat was killed in a police encounter along with 3 other terrorists. 2 of these were Pakistanis. Various documents and witnesses prove that Ishrat was a suicide Bomber, but the Main stream Media along with the intellectuals has come forward in Ishrat’s defence as if she was innocent. Their claim is that Ishrat was targeted just because she was a muslim.


  • Mohammad Azharuddin – Cricket is the most followed sport in India. The game churns Billions of US$ every year. To captain the team is an easy way to mint money. Add to it, the sport is followed like a religion in India. So if any sportsperson does well, he achieves stardom and adulation, unmatched in any other field. In such circumstances, Mohammad Azzharuddin a Muslim cricketer was made the Captain of India, and he represented India in 3 world cups. He was caught in a match fixing scandal with team mate Ajay Jadeja. While he was found guilty, he cried the same old song that he was targeted fpr being a muslim, although his team mate Jadeja too was charged with match fixing, who wasn’t a muslim.
  • Sanjay Dutt – Dutt, another movie star and a spoilt brat. H e was found having illegal possession of 3 AK 56 rifles and over 2 dozen hand grenades. When caught, he claimed that he was targeted because his mother was muslim.


There are millions of examples wherein Muslims come out to create havoc, they break laws and claim victimhood. They drive bikes without wearing helmet. They wear skull caps instead and if they are caught, they raise issues of all kinds and try to get away with it. If a Muslim man rapes a Hindu woman, police is afraid to register complaint, because it fears it would be termed as communal (racist). Recently some muslims stalled the release of a Movie, Vishwaroopam, because it was against their ideology. But what is it that most Hindus are afraid to take on the muslims even when they are wrong? Why is even the law scared to take its own course? The truth is that Muslims get away so easily because they get a lot of support across quarters using pathetic yet a logic which is/has to be accepted, I would list some of the corners which are blind in support of Muslims.

  • Human Rights Watch – Many Muslims are involved in terror activities. If they are caught in any suspect activities, the Regional and International Human Rights starts raising hue and cry. Such is their intensity, that they assume each accused to be innocent. Their default judgement for any accused is that, they are Innocent and have been caught for nothing, just for recreational purposes. These organisations create a lot of noise and more often than not are successful in Highlighting the issues across sections which results in the acquittal of those ‘victims’ even without a proper judicial trial
  • NGOs – Non Governmental Organizations, which are generally foreign funded (some of them by Arab countries too), go beyond measures to demonize the ones who have caught muslims and always portray muslim offenders in a positive light to the rest of the world. Some of the other organizations such as Amnesty International too create a lot of trouble for the law abiders
  • Political Parties – Most of the political parties in India indulge to appeasement politics. We already saw in the previous 2 editions, how Votebank causes Political parties to formulate their policies keeping muslim appeasement in their minds. Generally these parties come to power by getting chunk of the Muslim votes, who vote in blocks and they return the favour by demonstrating tokenism. These political parties raise largest hue when a terrorist is killed. The most frontrunner in doing this is Congress.
  • Main Stream Media – The most dangerous section! Main stream Media carries out the propaganda of Muslim victimization to every single household. They always present the story from the ‘Victim’s’ perspective. More so backed by political parties and funded by Foreign NGOs, Media has its vested interests in propagating what is far from truth. Media is highly skilled in creating a Hero out of villain and demonizing the Hero.


  • Left Fascists – The Left Liberal Society in the country, which claims it to be liberal and intellectual, is neither liberal nor intellectual. Along with the Islamic Fundamentalists, they have formed a powerful block and they are vocal in speaking of Muslims’ rights, ignoring everything that comes in between. They are the biggest sympathizers of Muslims and even keep their ideologies at bay, in the partial treatment to muslims.


  • The Intellectual Group – Lastly, the group of intellectuals from the civil society, who are self proclaimed representatives of the people. These intellectuals claim that their views are same as that of the general public. However they don’t even represent a fringe section, and speak only of their own, but the media as a part of Greater conspiracy with these intellectuals helps their voice to be presented as that of Common Man, and in return they get ‘Expert Views’ and rising TRPs. Some of the noted activists who have soft corner for terrorists are Arundhati Roy & Ramachandra Guha. To some people, these intellectuals pose a greater threat than the law mocking Muslims themselves.

This dangerous trend in India has now almost become a generalization. It has now become a fashion for a muslim to break law, and when caught claim the Victimhood. Backed by favourable laws and several groups, such activities are fostering and are on a rise. It would be unfair to say that all muslims who are caught are criminals. Yes some of the muslims are charged wrongfully, but that is a flaw of Judicial and Legal system everywhere. There is no discrimination on the basis of Religion. Even Hindus and people of other communities are charges wrongfully. So that has got more to do with a flawed system and nothing to do with Religion. So it would not be wrong to say that the current system ensures Muslims are the biggest victors.

Right from History to Politics, Economics to Sociology, and Law to Science we have covered every aspect of Islam in India in the 5 editions. In the next and final edition, we would talk about the future of India and what awaits us in the next few decades.