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Recently the southern state of Karnataka went for Assembly Polls. The state will choose its Government headed by the Chief Minister, which would be run the state for the next 5 years. Across General and Assembly elections, one of the most governing factors has been ‘Secularism’. So what does Secularism mean? Secularism means separation of state from any kind of Religion in its truest sense. So do the parties run their election campaigns on separation of State from religion? The unfortunate answer is No. Unlike in USA, UK and other western countries, Secularism in India means appeasing the minorities, bending rules for them. We saw in Part 3, how even the country’s Prime Minister bowed before Muslims, and bend the laws of the country to appease them with reference to Shah Bano divorce case. Current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who rarely speaks, too campaigned for his party in the build up to the Karnataka elections. He was found saying that, Muslims are not safe in Karnataka’. So did he mean that on a daily basis Muslims are butchered by Hindus? We covered in our previous parts, that if there were followers of one religion who were victimized by regular attacks, they were not Muslims

The population of Muslims have reached a state where in political parties have stooped to a level, low enough to Sell the Nation. One can argue, that Muslims, even though in increased numbers are still less than Hindus, so how could they wield so much political power so that the political parties are falling in line to appease them. There is not one reason to this. The appeasement politics stems from the following

  • En mass Voting – Muslims are governed by Mosques and they have religious Bodies which issue diktat (known as ‘Fatwa’) so as to which political party they must support to bring on Fatwa. Even in the recent Karnataka Assembly polls, all Muslims were given clear instructions as to which party/candidate they must vote. They all vote in the name of Allah unlike Hindus who are divided and vote based on several local, national and international issues and Religion is the last thing they vote on
  • Religious Intolerance – Muslims are quite intolerant when it comes to their religion. So they would be willing to vote for a party which might be involved in multibillion dollar corruption, would do Zero development work, pathetic foreign policy, which could even sell the country but it prserves their radical and fanatic laws like veil system, polygamy, Shaia law etc; as compared to another political party which might provide millions of jobs to the economy, is involved in Economic development, but talks of a Sovereign democratic setup instead of any religious regime
  • Ummat-Al-Islamiya – Muslims, in India also support parties based on International issues. For example any parties supporting Israel would find itself alienated from Muslim voters, irrespective of how good it is. On the other hand any political party which opposes Isareli occupation of Gazaland or opposes rumoured violence against Rohingya muslims in Myanmar will get overwhelming support of Muslims, even though if it does nothing for the tax payers, except Corruption

All these started after the inception of the word ‘Secularism’ in the Constitution of India. Since then this word ‘Secularism’ has become a highly abused word in Indian polity. ‘Secularism’ now only means to appease Muslims and propagate their Religious authority howsoever bad and radical it may be

Congress is the biggest and most powerful political party in India. Despite having deep rooted penetration in the country, the oldest party of India has struggled to get a clear majority since the 1984 General Elections. The fact that India is still not fully developed even 65 years after its independence from British epitomizes the failure of Congress on Good governance. Not surprisingly Congress uses sly methods such as Muslim appeasement to stay in power as

Some examples of how VoteBank politics has ensured that the Sovereignity of the country is at risk.

  • Bangladeshi Infiltration – Former IPS officer Ajit Doval claims that this is the biggest threat to India. Official records say that there are 20 million illegal Bangladeshis in India. Unofficially the figure may well over be 100 million. Most of these people are muslims who come to India in search of better opportunity and a better standard of Living. States of West Bengal and Assam share their border with Bangladesh. That is where the infiltration happens. Why this threat is the biggest to the Internal Security of India is simply because the Government has raised its hands and said it can do nothing about it. The fact is political parties are getting free votebank. Hence they assist these illegal immigrants by granting them Indian ID card so that they can permanently stay in India and vote for them. The State Governments of Assam and West Bengal has primarily been a Communist pr Congressi govt. for the larger part of History and all of them have facilitated the stay of these illegal Muslims in India. This has had a strong short term and long term repercussion.


  • 2012 Riots Assam – These riots were communal in nature and originate because of these Bangladeshi muslims. Full report here


  • Assam Demography – A while back, Congress, BJP, AGP used be the major political forces in Assam. But since the communal intolerant muslim population increased, they have stopped voting for Congress, which was instrumental in ascertaining their stay in Assam. A new political force, a muslim right wing fanatic party is now AIUDF, which is believed to have most of its party workers from Bangladesh



  • Demography of India – Arun Shourie warns “In the demographic competition, simple procreation is not the only factor.  There are cases where Muslims are in a minority and use migration to remedy their minority condition.  This does not, of course, mean that all Muslims involved in such migration are conscious soldiers in a demographic offensive (“infiltrators”), but an element of planning may nonetheless be involved, or may arise in certain activist circles once the political potential of an ongoing migration process becomes apparent.” Full report here


  • First Sharia Court in India – We saw in the 1st part how Islamization of a country occurs when the Muslim population of certain country crosses a threshold “The rapidly increasing population of muslims in a democratic setup like India triggers a phenomenon known as ‘Islamization’ which is the process of ending up the democratic system and bringing it under the proclaimed law of Allah (God) known as the Sharia. The unique factor common to muslim demands of implementation of Sharia in a particular democratic country is their population. When the muslim population exceeds a particular threshold, these cries grow louder and much more violent. The most dangerous thing which comes out is the growing intolerance wherein they take law into their own hands and start upsrings and threats to anything that is remotely perceived by them as ‘UnIslamic’ as has happened in India quite a few times. It wouldn’t be just to say that all Indian or even Pakistani muslims are fanatics and fundamentalists. There are moderate or extremists in any religion. However the grave issue lies in some of the aspects of Islam, especially the political ideology which is being funded and propagated by Saudi.”

Weeks after I wrote this piece, I came across very disturbing news. Muslims have managed to get 1stSharia court in Mumbai, India. So despite having a legal system in place, we are having a parallel system which is not just immoral but also unconstitutional. Islamic apologists justify it by saying that it would reduce the burden of normal system. By that logic, shouldn’t then everyone start his/her own court of justice with his/her own set of laws and regulations? While no intellectual seems to have any problem with this, this will trigger a chain of events and Muslims would now demand Sharia law for the whole country

  • Separate Personal Law – In India Muslims are allowed to marry four women, give divorce by just saying it 3 times and various other laws which make a mockery of the Indian legal system. They have a separate Civil Code which is not governed by Indian Legal System. Although it was decided that all religions will be covered under same Civil Code within 10 years of its enforcement, no political party today dares to talk about a Uniform Civil Code which is an essential instrument for a Sovereign Democratic Republic. Muslims are quite intolerant towards following any country’s laws. They want their own Sharia Laws. Very soon countries like Holland, France etc would start facing this problem where Muslim Population is growing beyond means. One can argue, why Muslims accept Uniform Criminal Code in India. It is simply because India penal code awards punishment of very low magnitude as compared to Sharia Laws, so Muslims do not seem to have a problem with it, while they are adamant o having their own Civil laws. Infact Terrorist organizations like SIMI, IM etc prosper in India whose aim is to bring in Sharia law in the entire country. They are groomed by many muslims and tacitly supported by some of the political parties to do Muslim appeasement.


  • Article 370 – This is a special article in the Constitution of India which is a Black spot in the Democracy of India. Article 370 refers to a clause, wherein the state of Jammu Kashmir would have separate laws as compared to the rest of the Nation. It was done simply as an act of another appeasement of Votebank. The region has majority of Muslim population and No one outside Kashmir can buy any property in Kashmir or stay there. The state of Jammu Kashmir has a separate Constitution and a separate code of laws and regulations. Some of the Kashmiri muslims wanted a separate country, some of them wanted to merge with Pakistan while others wanted to stay back in India. On the other hand the Hindu population tends to support India The only way to solve this would have been a referendum. However the Muslim population either killed or drove away most of the Hindu population in the Kashmir Valley. Hence referendum would not be a feasible option. Therefore political aprties decided to award them special status. Today many separatists are active in Kashmir, openly rebelling against the Republic of India but there is no charge of sedition against these terrorists. All this because of Votebank politics. Read more onArticle 370


  • Relief from National Song – India’s National Song is ‘Vande Mataram’ which means, I bow to thee my country my mother. It gives the country the same treatment as one would give his mother. The country is revered and a sense of Patriotism is filled. Muslims are opposed to it. They do not want to revere the country, just because there Holy Quran says that Allah is the only God. So if you are patriotic you cannot be a muslim. Being a patriot and a muslim are 2 mutually exclusive conditions. Many muslims have gone on to record saying that they are Muslim first and Indian later. So does it imply, if any Islamic terrorist attacks India, they will show their brotherhood to him and claim they are Muslim first and Indian later. Such people are roaming freely around and it gives a sense of how the security conditions are here. In any sane country, a person would be branded as traitor and some kind of action would be taken against him but in India, nothing would be done due to appeasement politics. Muslims would be allowed to disrespect national Flag and National Song. Since when did country become higher than religion?


This is a dangerous trend which has been continuing since long. Appeasement politics must stop at any cost, else the ruin is near.

In the 5th and penultimate part of the series, would see how Celebrity Muslims with all the resources in this world commit Crimes and then get away with it playing the Muslim Victimhood Card.